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How to Dress for Work During Your Pregnancy

Posted on 18/10/2011 in Style

For many women, accommodating their pregnancy in their wardrobe of work clothes is a definite challenge. Many women continue to work until the final stages of their pregnancy and, when the belly is large and other parts of the body have simultaneously and very naturally changed shape, finding
maternity wear that is also appropriate for work can seem difficult.

The excellent news is that dressing for work while pregnant can be done – fashionably and affordably.

What can you expect?

In the first few months of your pregnancy, it is likely that you will be able to wear your regular work clothes. Some garments may start to feel a little snug, but leaving buttons undone on skirts and pants (strategically covered by tops and jackets of course!) can see you through.

A stage that is quite awkward is commonly experienced, where the woman may not yet look decidedly pregnant but will look as though she has gained a little weight. The problem here is that while you may still be wearing your own work clothes (that by now are snug-fitting), maternity clothes will probably be too large for you.

Try wearing skirts and pants with elasticised or drawstring waist bands. It is also a good idea to buy and wear skirts and pants in sizes larger than you would usually need – you will grow into them! On-trend low waisted pants that are designed to sit below your belly are also great at this stage of your pregnancy.

During this transitional period, long loose shirts, tunic tops, cardigans, long jackets and fashionable tops can all work well and help you to feel both comfortable and stylish. If you wish for them to do so, many of these garments and the fabrics from which they are made can be used to minimise how obvious your growing belly really is. Concealing the news of their pregnancy until the time is right is important in the workplaces of numerous women.

There will come a time when your own ‘non-maternity’ clothes no longer suffice and, along with the purchase of stylish casual maternity wear and maternity swimwear, you will want and need to invest in some key pieces for your professional wardrobe. Many jobs require formal and highly professional business attire; well cut and tailored pants, a skirt, jacket, dress and tunic top are vital inclusions in the professional wardrobe of a pregnant woman. These garments can also be selected in fashionable and complimentary colours.

The beauty of these five garments is that they are versatile and can be mixed and matched to offer different looks and significant variety. You will be amazed at how many different looks you can create – by wearing these pieces on their own or in different combinations – and may even be surprised at how few garments you need to still be fashionable and professionally presented as you work during your pregnancy.

A woman’s feet are definitely not to be neglected during a pregnancy and it follows that, although they are completely stylish and on-trend, very high heels do very little for pregnant women. It is likely that you will find that your feet expand by half a size or more during pregnancy and so it is worthwhile and entirely appropriate to invest in some comfortable and stylish shoes to enhance your professional wardrobe.

Dressing for work while you are pregnant does not have to be arduous or difficult. It is possible to remain as fashionable and stylish as ever while increasing your level of comfort as you work in the lead up to the birth of your child.


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