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How to Choose Flattering Maternity Swimwear

Posted on 10/11/2011 in Style

Being pregnant should never stop you from sporting stylish and on-trend
maternity swimwear. Pregnancy is a great reason to showcase your stylish self and fashionable maternity clothes can certainly help a woman to look and feel her best as she awaits the birth of her baby.

Of course, maternity wear has come a long way; women no longer have only the option of frumpy, uninspiring and ugly clothing are able to purchase attractive maternity clothes online. This applies to maternity swimwear just as much as it applies to other examples of maternity fashion.

So, how do you choose maternity swimwear that will flatter, enhance and be comfortable on your growing and changing body?


If ever there was a style of maternity swimwear that was popular and flattering to expectant women, it is the tankini. A two piece style of swimwear with a tank style top, women often appreciate having their belly covered with a fabric that stretches and grows with them.


It is so refreshing and appropriate to see an ever-increasing number of women sporting bikinis. All pregnant women should feel proud of their bodies and, if they feel comfortable doing so, liberated enough to show their baby belly.

A number of bikinis are specifically designed for pregnant women and feature options such as a band on the bikini bottoms which can be rolled up or down; this makes maternity bikinis surprisingly versatile.

Side ruching:

Side ruching is one of the most flattering features of many pieces of maternity swimwear. Not only is ruching on the side fashionable and an added element of interest to the swimwear, it also helps to take your belly through to the final stages of your pregnancy and even beyond.

Convertible straps:

Just as convertible straps are handy and help us to create different styles of non-maternity swimwear, straps that can be converted and adjusted are a great feature of maternity swimwear. At particular stages of your pregnancy, you may choose to wear your top without any straps (so that is effectively a bandeau), while at other times you may convert the straps so that you are wearing a halter neck or singlet style top.

Swim skirts:

Swim skirts look great on many pregnant women and are a far cry from the swimsuits complete with a skirt that our grandmothers used to wear. Modern, fashionable swim skirts compliment a swimsuit and afford many expectant women increased confidence and comfort. Available in a range of attractive colours and patterns, swim skirts can be purchased to enhance many different swimsuits.


One of the things that adds interest and appeal to any swimwear, including maternity swimwear, is beading and other forms of embellishment. A dimension of interest is created through the use of sequins, beads and creative stitching and these can be particularly effective on pieces of maternity swimwear for women who may not want the complete focus to be on their belly.

Rather than being a chore or something that is dreaded because maternity fashion traditionally lacks interest, choosing maternity swimwear can now be fun and exciting. There are many options of swimwear now available to pregnant women, including styles and designs that enhance and flatter their growing and changing form.


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