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How to Be a Stylish Mummy to Be

Posted on 12/10/2011 in Style

The great news for expectant mothers is that pregnancy does not mean that you have to sacrifice your sense of style and endure months of feeling frumpy and ‘not quite yourself’. To the contrary, the fact that so much stylish maternity wear is available means that every woman has the opportunity to feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the months of her pregnancy.

Contemporary maternity wear has come a long way from the maternity clothing that our mothers once wore. Rather than forcing women to look years older than their actual age and to feel huge and frankly unattractive, a lot of modern maternity wear reflects contemporary styles and trends and is all about enhancing a woman’s sense of style.

You can still be fashionable…

Many women care about how they are presented and enjoy wearing clothes that express who they are and their style preferences. As you wear contemporary maternity fashions, you can still look chic. Perhaps even more importantly, it is possible to find maternity clothes that are ‘you’.

This means that maternity versions of just about everything that is currently in style can be found. As we approach the summer months, long flowing dresses continue to be in style and these adapt well to the body of a pregnant woman. Not only do such dresses look great, they enable the woman to feel cool and comfortable.

Similarly, a great range of maternity singlet tops, shorts and skirts are available for purchase online and come in a range of styles, cuts, colours and designs. All of these are specifically designed for the body of a pregnant woman and crafted to enhance her appearance and her overall comfort.

Take cues from celebrities…

In recent times, pregnant celebrities such as: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman have given us some great ideas of how to retain and further develop our own sense of style while pregnant. These women have of course had access to some of the world’s foremost designers and have not needed to worry about the expense of a maternity wardrobe, but the fact remains that they have enhanced their appearance in many clever and relatively simple to follow ways.

Use accessories…

Fashionable and interesting accessories can enhance any outfit and look especially great with many maternity fashions. Long necklaces, beads, scarves, bangles and bracelets can all be used to add a new dimension to an outfit and these celebrities have at times used accessories to lessen the focus of attention on their bellies.

Work your shoes…

For most pregnant women, comfort takes priority and this means that towering heels are out. However, there are some fantastic flat shoes that are on-trend as well as comfortable and these can be used to effectively enhance an outfit.

Given that summer is just around the corner, strappy sandals and thongs look great and are certainly cutting edge in terms of fashion and contemporary style.

Invest in beautiful maternity swimwear

Many pregnant women love being in, on or near water during their pregnancy and with warmer weather heading our way, now is the perfect time to purchase stylish maternity swimwear. As with general maternity fashions, maternity swimwear is now available in so many different styles and designs that you will not be disappointed by what is on offer. Rather than feeling as though you have borrowed your grandmother’s swimming costume, modern maternity wear allows you to feel as stylish and as fashionable as you might in a non-maternity version.

During pregnancy, it is important and beneficial for a woman to feel that her sense of style is not diminished because she is carrying a baby. The wonderful and amazing changes occurring inside her body should be enhanced by the woman feeling good about herself and her appearance. With so many beautiful maternity fashions on offer, this is no longer just a possibility, but a reality.


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