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Felicia: Week 16 - Making the Transition

Posted on 1/11/2013 in Pregnancy & Baby

When you find out you’re pregnant, you’ll probably reach for a pregnancy book like I did and in there they mention that wearing loose stretchy clothing will be most comfortable at the beginning before you might need to make the switch into maternity wear – it made it sound like I wouldn’t need maternity clothes for ages, until I was REALLY showing. With summer creeping up, I figured I would be able to get away with living in my floaty summer dresses by the time I got big enough to wear maternity clothes, but I’ve since been proven wrong. Plus sometimes, dresses are just not that practical for work.

A few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I began switching out of my jeans and into my leggings, probably from around 6-7 weeks onwards. 

As the days were getting warmer I also got to the stage of switching over my winter wardrobe to my spring/summer one and decided I should probably pack away all the clothes that were no longer fitting me - the ones that didn’t already fit around the waist or didn’t have an elastic waistband which I also discovered I had very few of, in fact, none, except for my leggings. Oh and some trackies. So glamourous, I know.

By the time I was getting into my second trimester at 14 weeks (I’m only 16 weeks now!), those leggings were getting a bit tight around the belly! Not to mention uncomfortable. 
And, if you’re like me, consistently bloated, the last thing you want is for a waistband to be digging into you, it only adds to the discomfort.

So, ok, no problem I thought. I’ll go shopping and get some of those printed baggy pants with the elastic waist that are so in fashion right now. Only problem, the elastic waistband just squishes you in – where? yup the waist, the belly. Still feeling slightly uncomfortable. No worries I thought, I’ll just get the next size up because surely the waistband will have a bit more give – nup. If anything it made me look fat and short! I’m not the tallest person, so wearing pants too baggy in all the wrong places made me look like I was a kid dressing up in my mother’s clothes…not a good look. 

Finally I was convinced (by my adoring mother), that I really needed to just try a pair of maternity pants on. So I did. O.M.G! It was like nothing I had ever felt before. PURE COMFORT! The best part? I felt good. I feel that I look good and just feel radiantly pregnant not fat. You see, maternity clothes or as I like to call them, preggie pants, are made for growing bellies. Sure we’re a little curvier but we’re not two sizes bigger in every way!!  

I now own a pair of maternity denim leggings – “jeggings” if you prefer. I even measured them, before I tried them on, against my current leggings. Guess what? They’re the same size!!! But how on earth does it feel so different?!? All I know is, I look good in these jeggings and they are super comfy so I’m sticking to them!!  

Totally own being pregnant!  

Felicia. Make-up Artist. 16 weeks pregnant.


  • Sue | Saturday, 2 November 2013
    Oh so fitting! The right clothes really help you show that you're proud to be pregnant.

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