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Breastfeeding Fashions

Posted on 17/09/2010 in Style

Like most new mums, many women don’t feel comfortable breast-feeding in public. Breastfeeding is hard enough to get the hang of, let alone trying to master the art in public, without flashing random body parts.


There have been some incredible developments in maternity wear and this includes breastfeeding tops and dresses. A lot of the time maternity tops and dresses will include breast-feeding features that will allow a woman to feed her baby discreetly. Maternity wear is still relevant post partum because it gives you a little extra room, that is sometimes needed after you've had the baby.


With maternity clothes that can double as great post-partum, breastfeeding options, you have once again a great range of choice.



Breastfeeding fashions are designed especially to accommodate a larger breast, as they swell to produce milk and they are designed with special features and flaps and clips to help you access your breast to feed, without resorting to exposing anything more than necessary.


Labels such Milky Way, Mayreau and Milk specialise in designing high quality, fashion for breastfeeding mothers. They not only have collections of lovely day dresses, but also some really dynamic and chic evening dresses that will surprise any new mum.

Colours like red, green and purple seem to be leading the charge this season, with lots of carefully placed pleats and gathering to disguise any post-partum body changes.  All of these clothes feature breastfeeding flaps and panels to ensure a modest, discreet feed.



Labels such as Quack, 1 in the Oven, Amoralia and Queen Bee have an amazing range of tops for the lactating mother. Stylish black ¾ sleeve tops, crisp white button shirts, casual marl tees and hoodies and even the most chic and understated cowl necks will ensure you feel stunning and functional all at once! Many of these tops will look great at work or on a night out with their simple block colours, quality fabrics and neutral shades of black, grey, white and beige.


There are also many types of sleep wear to choose from the breast feeding range. Cute and frilly pyjama sets in crisp cottons, or lycra rich camis and singlets that are a good choice in warmer months and can also be worn underneath your day clothes for extra support or warmth in the cooler months.

With so many colours, prints, fabrics and styles to choose from, you can pick up a casual, floral breastfeeding dress or a sexy, black evening number and still be able to feed your baby with the security of knowing your modesty will be intact at the end of the feeding session.

Mayreau has a wonderfully feminine and floaty range of nursing wrap dresses that will make you feel like the glowing new mother you are. With these fabulous new brands and designs, is so easy to stay in fashion while you're breastfeed and be more confident than ever before when you are out and about and feeding your baby.


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