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Big up your Baby Bump, being round and proud!

Posted on 31/08/2010 in Style

In this day and age when maternity clothes are becoming more and more easy to find and cheaper to buy. Furthermore, dressing to show off your baby bump is growing in popularity. Perhaps the Hollywood glamour mums are making it a fashion statement to be pregnant, or perhaps we are in another baby boom. Either way, many more women are taking great pride in their swelling stomachs.

If you want to show off your baby bump as it grows to accommodate the baby, there are some great fashion tips to help you look your best in this special time in your life.

Many celebs like Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and the likes of Kourtney Kardashian are sporting figure-hugging dresses that help them achieve a glamorous and flattering look for the red carpet events.

A serious rule to stick to when working that baby bump of yours is ruching.  Ruching will allow the dress to expand to perfectly fit your growing tummy.  It gathers around the edge, at the waist and smooths out over the lovely round curves of your stomach.

Mini dresses and tank dresses can also look great, as long as you have been lucky enough to retain most of your pre-pregnancy figure. These styles will hug not only your belly, but your back side, thighs and breasts, so take care with this particular look.

If you are planning on going with snug-fitting clothes during your pregnancy, then it is best to buy clothes made of good quality, breathable fabrics, rich in natural fibres. If you buy cheap dresses that are too high in lycra or nylon you may feel a little smothered and sweaty instead of proud and comfortable. Fabrics like jersey and anything with a high content of cotton or wool and only a small amount of elastane will provide that great snug fit, without the clinginess. Knits with a little stretch are a great choice for bump-hugging fashion.

Another cute look to show off your belly, as it grows bigger is an empire line dress that will gather just above your belly and below the breasts. You can always tie a colourful ribbon or thin scarf around this part of any dress to accentuate your belly.

Or in the reverse, dresses or tops that have a gathered hem below the belly will also attract attention to your middle and also provide you with comfort and peace of mind that you won’t flash any skin between your top and your pants.

Bump hugging wrap tops and dresses are another gorgeous fashion statement that you can pair with knee high boots in winter. Knot dresses will also help define a growing baby belly, with a twist so nicely placed that it not only highlights your cleavage but also expertly draws the eye in and then around a lovely big tummy.

Some other ways to big up your bump are to take a look around at some maternity wear web sites and there you can find different labels that specialise in this very look.  You could take a look at the cute novelty t-shirts that are becoming more popular these days, with humourous slogans to draw attention to your pregnant paunch. Anything brightly coloured or snug fitting will be guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention to your proud little (or big) belly.


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