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Baby Nursery Trends for 2022

Posted on 15/02/2022 in Style

If you are expecting a new baby, designing the perfect nursery is integral to the excitement and anticipation. There are many adorable baby nursery trends to look for in 2022, including gender-neutral options, woodland themes, and much more. Read on to discover some trends to consider that will help you create a beautiful baby nursery design.

Baby Nursery Design Trends for 2022

Here are some of the most sought-after baby nursery trends for 2022 to consider:

Gender-neutral design

A gender-neutral nursery avoids the use of lots of pink or blue and instead simply focuses on the joys of babyhood. Decorate your nursery with adorable wall prints featuring animals or fun motifs like hot air balloons. Stick to neutral colors that make the nursery suitable for a baby of any gender rather than making it too frilly or boyish.

Warm neutral colors and patterns

Paint the nursery walls in warm, neutral colors like a soft gray or beige that will go with just about anything. Pick out patterns like polka dots or stripes for wallpaper, bedding, and furniture upholstery.

Woodland elements

Design a darling woodland theme using animals and natural elements. A basket made of woven seagrass featured in an animal shape is a good choice. Adorn the nursery walls with sweet animal prints or choose a forest patterned window curtain and bedding to tie the theme together.

Natural materials

Just like in-home design, natural elements are one of the most popular baby nursery trends in 2022. Look for crib sheets and bedding made of soft organic cotton or bamboo. Try a woven jute area rug or add some furniture to the room that’s made of all-natural, sustainable materials which are also eco-friendly and help to lessen your carbon footprint.

Earthy tones and wooden furniture

Incorporate some rich, earthy tones into your baby nursery design like deep forest green or a cheery terra-cotta color. Choose wooden furniture like cribs, dressers, and tables crafted of solid hardwood to bring the earthy, organic look together with ease.

Vintage looks

If you adore the vintage look, add some vintage wallpaper to the walls or bring in a few vintage furniture items like accent tables and chairs. Shop local thrift stores, vintage stores, and antique stores to find a range of wall mirrors, blankets, and other nursery items made in eras gone by. An adorable vintage table lamp is another easy way to bring the vintage theme to life.


Adding some houseplants to your nursery can give it a lively, cheerful touch. Make sure you choose safe, non-toxic plants with no spikes or sharp edges on the leaves like a parlor palm or money tree. If you’re not ready to care for a live houseplant, there are plenty of faux options available, too.

Curved items

Pick out some new nursery furniture with a curved silhouette for a trendy look. Not only is this furniture style on-trend for 2022, but it also helps to prevent injuries thanks to its smooth, curved edges.

Popular Themes for 2022

Here are some popular baby nursery themes for 2022 to keep in mind:


Twinkling stars have long been a nursery trend, and it’s still popular in 2022. Adorn your nursery ceiling with some stick-on stars that glow in the dark, or paint the walls and ceiling with stars using glow-in-the-dark paint to transform your nursery into a planetarium at night, this way you’ll future-proof your nursery so it grows with your baby since this theme never gets outdated and it’s great for kids of all ages.


A sky theme is a fun nursery trend, and you can create the look by painting the walls or ceiling in a light sky-blue hue. Add some fluffy clouds using white paint to give the nursery a calming look and feel. Look for bedding featuring a sky print, or try a rug that has a sky-inspired pattern.


Give your nursery a woodland theme with colorful wall decals featuring tall trees and forest animals. Prints can include images of deer, squirrels, foxes, and raccoons to add a darling touch too. Don’t forget to add lots of stuffed animals as well.


Design a nature-inspired nursery with fun national park posters, mountain landscape wall art, and adorable words like “explore” and “adventure.” Add a few safe houseplants as décor, and adorn the crib with nature-themed bedding featuring plant or landscape prints.

Fictional characters

Decorating a nursery with fictional characters never goes out of style. Whether it’s Winnie the Pooh or a variety of other adorable characters, this is a fun way to add a sweet theme. Pick out bedding, curtains, toys, and décor that feature all of your favorite characters from a book or series.

Keep these baby nursery trends in mind when you’re ready to design your nursery. The possibilities are endless, from earthy colors and vintage looks to a woodland theme. Remember to have fun when designing your nursery, and you’ll create a special space your baby (and you) will love.

Cassandra is a content writer at Porch.com. She is passionate about interior design, the environment, sustainability, reading, writing, and music, and loves to write about health and wellness, lifestyle, and other environment-related topics in her efforts to contribute to making this world greener.

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