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5 Tips for Looking Good and Staying Comfortable When Pregnant

Posted on 16/08/2010 in

When you’re pregnant the main concern for most women is staying comfortable. No, I’m not talking about the first trimester, nor even in the second trimester when a little contained bump is your pride and joy. I’m talking about the last trimester, when you are carrying extra weight and when you are finding it hard to feel comfortable in even the most forgiving stretch knit or your old kitten heels.  Having some great maternity clothes helps, but there are some other tips you can use to stay comfortable and look great when heavily pregnant.


In fact, staying comfortable comes way ahead of looking good in that last trimester, but there are ways that you can achieve both.


1) Shoes

Wearing the right shoes can make all the difference to not only looking good, but feeling good too.  Stick to slip on shoes that are cute and comfy and avoid anything with high or stiletto heels. Your body needs support during pregnancy. Try slip on sneakers that are very popular right now. A great pair of Birkenstocks will look good and support your feet. For a little glamour, try a flat pair of sandals with sequins or beading for some sparkle. Otherwise, ballet flats that are still popular are perfect for any occasion. Make sure you have a nice, black pair for the evening and perhaps buy some bright, textured pairs for day wear.


2) Clothes

Towards the end, you will want to try and reduce the size of your baby bump because it seems to  come between you and the world. Stay comfortable and look good by wearing black, or dark colours like brown or navy. Wear breathable, stretch fabrics like jersey and knits. Details like ruching and wraps will help to cover your bump without looking as if you’re smuggling a watermelon beneath your shirt.


3) Jewellery

As you get near the end of the pregnancy, you may notice water retention and swelling of your fingers and toes. Now is a good time to stop wearing wedding rings or any of your regular gold or silver rings or toe rings because now is the time when they might get stuck. So buy some larger sized dress rings, or stick to loose fitting bangles and bracelets. Chunky, elasticised necklaces will look great and add a little colour to any outfit.


4) Accessories

Sometimes looking great can add to your comfort levels. After you’ve found the perfect black jersey dress maybe get some bright accessories to make it look fresh each day. Try some colourful scarves, which are still in fashion at the moment. Wear it knotted around your neck or hanging straight down, both ways will detract from your growing belly and liven up your look.

You could try mixing things up with some coloured cardis and jackets. This will not only provide added coverage for your front, but also draw the eye down for a slimming effect and also bring some colour to a predominantly black maternity wardrobe.


5) Underwear

Getting some comfortable underpants and a suitable bra can make all the difference for a comfortable pregnancy. Not only will the right underwear help you feel good, it will look better too. A suitable, supportive bra is essential as your body changes with pregnancy. Well fitting underwear is also another simple way that you can feel more comfortable as your body changes.

By purchasing and borrowing a variety of maternity wear, getting some funky flats, getting your jewellery and accessories right and finally wearing appropriate underwear, you can not only feel comfortable but look your best in the last months of your pregnancy.


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