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5 Maternity Essentials for the Summer Season

Posted on 4/10/2011 in Style

With winter behind us and the weather becoming more warm and sunny, it is time to think about the new season and the fashions that it brings. Women who are pregnant during the summer months have a great range of
maternity wear from which to choose and, just because they are pregnant, their sense of style and commitment to fashion need not be neglected.

Although you may not want to buy a completely new wardrobe of maternity wear to see your through summer, there are definitely some essential items in which you should invest.

#1:  Classic T-shirts

T-shirts are a great inclusion in the wardrobe of any pregnant woman as they can be dressed up or down and are available featuring patterns or attractive colours. T-shirts also feature various necklines and these extend to maternity T-shirts.

Ensure that you have a good few T-shirts in your maternity wardrobe – choose stretchy fabrics and styles that will allow you to grow and accommodate your changing body shape.

#2:  Slim fitting skirt

Many women agree that skirts are especially comfortable to wear when you are expecting. Maternity skirts usually include a band that is both supportive and stretches to hold your growing belly.

Although long skirts are fashionable this summer, slim fitting shorter skirts are often cooler and more comfortable for pregnant women. Also, and very importantly, they are flattering to the body shape of a pregnant woman.

#3:  Loose fitting pants

Particularly in the evenings, loose fitting pants that offer plenty of room and have an elastic or tie up waist are a great maternity essential. Such pants can again be dressed up or down and offer incredible comfort without needing to sacrifice style.

Particularly in the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women really appreciate clothes that do not feel restrictive and uncomfortable. Rather, clothes that are roomy and made of light but stretchy fabrics are a perfect inclusion in the wardrobe of any pregnant woman.

#4:  Button down shirt

Light weight shirts that button down give a classic look but are surprisingly versatile. Such shirts can be worn with jeans, shorts and skirts and often look great when worn long and with a pair of leggings.

Cotton shirts are ideal for summer as the sleeves can be rolled up to give a casual look and the fabric allows air to circulate against your skin.

Many a pregnant celebrity fashionably sports a long button down shirt. Natalie Portman was a big fan of this garment throughout her pregnancy and included denim style shirts in her maternity wardrobe.

#5:  Dresses

If ever there is a season in which a pregnant woman looks wonderful wearing a dress, summer is it! Long, flowing maxi dresses and bohemian style dresses (think of Nicole Richie during her pregnancies) look absolutely gorgeous and allow the woman to feel cool and comfortable.

Such dresses are available in casual and more formal styles and really compliment the form and shape of the pregnant woman.

#6:  Swimwear

The fact that summer is approaching means that more and more people will head for the water and no pregnant woman should feel left out of this. Maternity swimwear is now available in a great range of stylish designs and patterns and includes: one-piece, tankinis, bikinis, swimming skirts and more.

Water-based activities are great for pregnant women and when they are wearing contemporary and attractive swimming costumes, pregnant women feel even more comfortable.

Summer offers pregnant women the chance to wear some great fashions that are reflective of their own tastes and personal styles. Women need not feel that they are forced to wear unattractive or boring garments simply because they are pregnant. To the contrary, maternity wear is now available in styles and designs that follow contemporary trends and fashions and the hottest looks for summer.


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