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5 Ideas to Spoil a Mum-to-be

Posted on 17/12/2010 in Well-Being

Each pregnancy is different. Whether the mum-to-be is cruising by or suffering a less than perfect pregnancy, she will want to feel special during this extraordinary time in her life. An expectant mother feels important because she is carrying precious cargo. Pampering your pregnant wife, sister or friend is way to show her you care and respect her condition.

Buying her maternity wear, giving her a foot rub or simply making her dinner are little things you can do to give that extra bit of TLC.

If you’re not sure what you can do for the mum-to-be in your life, take a look at these top tips to pamper the expectant mother.

1) Gentle Exercise

During pregnancy, high-octane exercise is usually off the cards. However, keeping up with mild, regular exercise will do wonders to keep the blood flowing and the muscles supple.

You could take her for a nice, slow walk down to a local café or park. Sit in the shade and talk about the exciting times ahead. As the months wear on and her baby belly becomes bigger, take her for a swim at the local pools. Choose a comfortably heated pool so it feels like a bath and let her take the pressure off her tired body and feet.

2) Massage

If the expecting lady is your partner or sister, why not offer to give her shoulders a rub? You could offer to give her a foot scrub and massage with some refreshing essential oils. It is very important to take care of the feet when pregnant, carrying all that extra weight in the front of the body can take it’s toll.

Skin to skin contact is a well-known way to alleviate stress and strain. If you don’t feel right doing it yourself, then buy her a gift voucher to pregnancy massage specialist so she can luxuriate in the healing powers of the human touch.

3) Pedicure

A woman is always self-conscious of her toes and feet during pregnancy.  It is the one area that she can keep looking great even while every other part of her body is changing. Take your pregnant friend or sister to a nail or beauty salon and enjoy a pedicure together. She will enjoy the relaxing foot rub and appreciate the attention to her toes, and you can both enjoy the time together.

4) Shoes

Foot fashion is one of those changes a pregnant woman can’t ignore. For health and safety reasons an expecting mum needs to get practical about her choice of footwear. This does not mean she can’t make chic choices! Take her shopping and stock up on some pretty sandals and ballet flats. Pitch in for a pair of supportive, urban footwear like Birkenstocks so she can retain her style.

5) Maternity Wear

Sometimes it’s hard to feel stylish when your stomach is growing bigger every day. Pamper your mum-to-be by taking her shopping. Get her excited about the stylish selection of maternity dresses, tops and jeans that are readily available and affordable these days.  She will love the time spent shopping and will feel great when she improves her maternity wardrobe.


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