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4 Ways To Dress like a Celebrity During Pregnancy

Posted on 19/11/2010 in Style

Being pregnant is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Celebrate this extraordinary period by making sure you have everything you need in your wardrobe to make you look and feel fantastic. Maternity clothes have come a long way since even a few years ago. With celebrities making their pregnancies an opportunity to try out new looks, you too can get in on the act with the recent proliferation of online maternity wear websites.

You don’t have to scour the town for the hippest maternity shops. You can get everything you need online, including fashion tips and styling ideas from celebrity mums. Find out what brands they are wearing and buy some for your very own wardrobe.

1) It’s coming into warmer weather with summer on the way. Young mum-to-be Miranda Kerr has got the summer look down with her youthful sense of style. She teams a flowing, batik dress with a sexy, black leather biker jacket and black heeled boots. This combination gives the baggy dress an edgy urban feel. You could also wear some knee high, flat boots in the place of heels in this case and not lose that rockin’ feel.

2) Stella McCartney knows how to make the most of her maternity wardrobe. At 38, McCartney’s look is both trendy and chic. In the early days of her fourth pregnancy, she wore skinny jeans with flowing tops and statement jackets. Not afraid of strappy sandals and heals, McCartney boasted a style that didn’t suffer in the slightest from her new baby bump.

3) Isla Fisher, pregnant with her second child, has been seen around town sporting some very cool, edgy looks. Pairing dark denims with flowing, dark coloured tops, she is keeping the public guessing. Adding some funk to her wardrobe, Fisher wears the latest fashion resurgence of tie died fabrics, shoulder skimming tops that reveal cute, colour matched singlets underneath.

4) Claudia Schiffer, pregnant with her third child has been seen out in some lovely, pared down looks. Wearing black tights with long tunics in neutral colours along with matching long-line cardigans and chunky knits, she embodies city chic. To add flair to her simple look she carries a big, statement bag and some chunky, half-length boots. 

It seems that no look is out of bounds with the latest maternity fashions. With an ever-growing selection of labels and brands on the market, expecting mums can keep their personal style even as their tummy grows. Celebrities are a great way to keep up with the latest maternity looks. Being in the public eye, they always need to look their best when they step out the door.

By looking online, you will find an impressive range of labels such as Milk, Mavi, Quack and Trimester. Shopping online will also allow you to browse through the huge variety of maternity dresses, tops, sleepwear and swimwear available on many of the new maternity websites.


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