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Travelling for a babymoon

Posted on 26/04/2016 in Motherhood & Pregnancy & Baby

So you’re having a baby, and let’s be honest, life is about to change. If you’re approaching your third trimester you’re probably feeling tired, starting to get nervous about meeting your little one, excited, anxious and every other emotion in between.
Have you considered going on a “BABYMOON”? No joke! Crazy right, who would have thought there is such a thing? Babymoons are currently one of the hottest travel trends. 
Think about it, your family of 2 is about to become 3 (or perhaps 4, 5 or 6) then the thoughtof going on a babymoon is exciting right? If you think of a babymoon like a honeymoon then you get my drift.
Babymoons can range from resort packages, health and nutrition classes/retreats, traveling domestically or internationally or even just a simple weekend away up the road.
The idea of traveling while pregnant can feel a little daunting which is completely natural however if you plan your trip properly and get the right advice then you should enjoy your break without any hassles. 
Here are some tips to consider before locking in your babymoon:
· Make sure you and your partner agree on the location to ensure you both get to relax and enjoy your time together. 
· Once you have an idea on where you might like to go to, get the all clear from your obstetrician / midwife before booking anything. While domestic travel is recommended you will still need to check with any airline to ensure you meet their restrictions on travelling whilst pregnant.
· If you have a couple of destinations in mind and can’t make a decision then it won’t hurt to check out what medical facilities are available. Preferably, choose somewhere with close and adequate health services just in case your little one decides to arrive a little earlier than expected. 
The most importantly thing to remember for your babymoon - look after yourself, relax, get pampered and spend some quality time with your partner before the next chapter of your life begins.



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