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belly bands

Essential pregnancy support 

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QueenBee® - Barely There Belly Band in Nude Best Seller

QueenBee® - Barely There Belly Band in Nude

size: S/M, L/XL, XL/XXL

QueenBee® - Kayce Adjustable Support Belly Belt in Nude New

QueenBee® - Kayce Adjustable Support Belly Belt in Nude

size: one size, plus size


QueenBee® - Barely There Belly Band in Black

size: S/M, M/L, L/XL, XL/XXL


Trimester™ - Belly Band in Grey

size: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL


Trimester™ - Reversible Belly Band in Grey/Creme

size: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL



Pregnancy Belly Bands & Maternity Support Belly Belts

Essential pregnancy support

Wearing a belly belt during pregnancy provides support for your lower back and abdomen which can result in

  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Lowers the risk of falling over
  • Reduced bladder pressure

By stabilising the pelvis this can help with

  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Round ligament pain

Best Maternity Belly Band / Belt for Exercise?

The Barely There belly band and Kayce belly belt are best for exercise, especially for running or jogging, as they allow for unrestricted leg movement.

Most Supportive Belly Band / Belly Belt?

The Blanqi is the most supportive belly band with its engineered, patented, multi-gradient compression.

The Dutton is the most supportive belly belt. It includes three adjustable pieces for ultimate customisation including an upper strap to completely cradle and hold your belly.

Which Belly Band is Best for Sleeping?

The organic belly band is the most popular for night wear as women love the feel of the inner organic layer against their skin.

How Should the Belly Band Feel when on?

The belly band should feel snug and not feel restrictive. If it feels too tight or feels like there is pressure on your tummy then the band is too tight.

Best Belly Band for Sensitive Skin?

As your belly grows, some women find that this causes their skin to become very sensitive with many fabrics causing them irritation. Our cotton/silk blend belly band is a thin, very stretchy lightweight band that you can wear under clothing. The silk part is against your skin and the hygroscopic property of silk makes it warm in winter and cool in summer.