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Pregnancy photo shoots you can do yourself, on your smartphone!

Posted on 31/12/2018 in Pregnancy & Baby & Style


Do you love the idea of having some beautiful pregnancy photos taken to capture your growing belly, but your budget doesn’t allow for a professional photographer?

Well, that is OK, because with the quality of smart phone cameras these days, along with some great editing software, you have everything you need to put together a gorgeous maternity shoot.

We thought we would share some great ideas and some smart tips for you to capture this special and very exciting time of your life

First, get inspired and decide on your concept…

With so many mamas-to-be sharing beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest, have a scroll through and choose some images as inspiration for your photo shoot. We have shared some ideas for you below:


The #maternitymilkbath

The beauty of a milkbath, is that it is beautiful, as well as relaxing and comfortable for the mum-to-be. Although some preparation is required, we are sure you will agree, that the results can be stunning.

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @misskyreeloves

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @tiffanyburkephotography

Tips for the milk bath shoot:

  • You will need at least 3 litres of cow’s milk, depending on how large your bath is. Pour the milk in once the bath has been filled up with warm water (not too hot).
  • Be sure to let the milk settle for a while before climbing in.
  • If you didn’t want to use milk, you could get a similar effect with a bath bomb, milk bath wash or even powdered milk;
  • Add flowers once you are in the bath, softly placing them and adjusting as needed.
  • Fresh flowers work best, petals also look beautiful, be sure to get creative and find a look that you love.
  • Have your partner or friend take the photos from above (being careful of course), capturing as much of you as they can within the frame. Remembering, that the photo can be cropped later if required. Also have some close ups of your belly taken.
  • Wear a pretty lace robe, dress or a sheer nightie in your shoot.


The bedroom portrait

Simple and beautiful, the bedroom portrait is easy and quick to do. Even if you can’t get the help of your partner or friend, a tripod on self timer can help you and if you are camera-shy, this is a simple way to avoid an audience.

We have some pretty examples below:

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @nadinewisser_fotografie

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @reviejane

Tips for the bedroom shoot:

  • Ensure that you have plenty of natural light hitting the room.
  • If you have a sheer curtain, this can be used to soften the light and create a calm and romantic feel.
  • Wear something that you feel beautiful and feminine in, such as lace, a mid length robe or floral dress.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your bump, place your hands on your belly.
  • Capture some shots sitting on your bed, some by the window and sitting on a chair if you have one.
  • When standing, be sure to prop your leg, bending one knee slightly to improve posture and flatter your belly.
  • When posing, try looking down toward your belly, not directly at it - but just past. This will be a more flattering angle.


The outdoor shoot

Fun and bright, you can also capture the timing and essence of your pregnancy, showing off the season that you are in.

If you love the ocean and the beach, head down in the afternoon or early morning to capture some pretty and natural shots by the water.

If you love nature, why not head somewhere with plenty of trees and greenery for some candid shots?

We have some ideas below to inspire you:

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @nicole.eckmann

Pregnancy Photoshoot
Photo: @tiffanylfarley

Tips for your outdoors shoot:

  • Choose the best time of day for lighting and weather, usually, early mornings or late afternoons is best, depending on sun rise & sunset.
  • Avoid a windy day at the beach, it’s not great for the hair…
  • Wear something simple and elegant, such as a long white maxi dress or plain linen jumpsuit. Avoid bright colours and bold prints- think classic and flattering styles.


Time to edit!

Once you have done your photo shoot, the hard work is done. Now it is time to edit your images for that professional look.

There are plenty of apps on the market- both free and paid that will take your photos from OK to amazing with a few simple adjustments. We have listed some great options below:

  1. VSCO
    Take your photography to the next level. Use preset filters, or customize your image by adjusting the image to find a look unique to your aesthetic.
  2. Lightroom
    Use the Adobe Lightroom app, which is what many professional photographers use. You can also save your preferred presets, so that next time you can use your very own filters.
    A photo editor and collage maker, this app has plenty on offer. Easy to use, with plenty of present filters and effects to play with.

    We hope that you found some great ideas to try for yourself at home, be sure to tag us in any photos that you take and share over on Instagram @queenbeematernity- we can repost our favourites!


Queen Bee


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