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Water Baby - Maternity swimwear launch at Queen Bee

Posted on 19/06/2009 in Style

Over the years there’s been plenty of press for giving birth in water, and for teaching babies to swim, but let’s not forget that water isn’t just good for birthing and babies, it’s great for the expectant mumma too. There’s a reason why exercising in water is recommended for pregnant women. Water provides buoyancy, and cushions all your movements, so even if you’re feeling large and ungainly on dry land, swimming or aqua aerobics are likely to be a gentle and enjoyable way to stay fit. And you’re less likely to overheat as the water’s temperature helps moderate yours.

In the past, we’ve brought you the perfect clothes for maternity yoga and shown you great pieces to help you look good while staying active. We like to make the question of what to wear as easy to answer as possible, because if you’re like many of us, staying fit is something which you approve of in theory but struggle to put into practice. Now Queen Bee has the ultimate enticement for those who still struggle to include exercise in their pregnancy timetable; we’re stocking a fabulous range of maternity swimwear.

Our swimwear range covers all the options, from one piece swimsuits to tankinis and bikinis, so there’s sure to be something you’ll feel comfortable and look great in too. The Jessica Bikini by Seraphine is definitely the way to show off your bump, but for a bit more cover there are some fabulous tankinis available from Maternal America, like their beautiful halter ring style or brightly patterned two piece tankini which ties behind the neck. For something ultra-stylish and completely out of the ordinary, have a look at their Jessie 2 piece flutter tankini with overlapping panels of sheer mesh, a bandeau-style bust support and adjustable ties at the neck and hips.

The one piece swimsuits are beautifully stylish too, with a keyhole detail below the bust and gathering to accommodate your belly as it grows. They’re available in classic black or brown, and also in a bright blue tropics print.

Hopefully, exercise can become a regular part of your routine, and even something to look forward to, with a little help from Queen Bee, as we know that feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing and being confident that you look great, are half the battle!

More from me next time on how to have a relaxing pregnancy and on preparation for labour…


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