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The New Royal Heir on the Way in Britain

Posted on 16/05/2013 in Style

Since the announcement was made that a royal baby would be born in mid-2013, almost global excitement has preceded the birth of the heir to the British throne.

Of course, just as much (if not more excitement) has been generated over The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, including: her maternity wear, health and plans for the royal baby. The media is flooded with speculation about the birth and the baby, where the royal baby and its parents will live and how Kate is fairing throughout the trimesters of pregnancy.

Current chatter about the royal baby is rife and recent stories have focused on the chic mother-to-be’s pregnancy fashion choices, the precise due date, where and how the baby will be born and, of course, whether the new royal heir will be male or female.

Kate is still in the public eye and looking fabulous:

Many onlookers have been delighted that Kate has recently maintained a schedule filled with public appearances. In fact, in the last week she is understood to have stepped out four times, which is quite a lot for a woman nearing the final weeks of pregnancy.

Unsurprisingly, the Duchess of Cambridge has continued to look stylish and beautiful at all events. Kate has achieved the #1 spot on Vanity Fair’s list of the ‘Top 10 Best Dressed Pregnant Ladies’ and is a most worthy recipient of the title.

Kate has worn a variety of labels throughout her pregnancy including the affordable high street brand, Topshop. She was even spotted perusing the racks of the maternity section of the Topshop flagship store in London’s Oxford Circus.

A boy or girl?

Ever since the meet and greet where Kate was believed to have said she would keep a gift for her “d…” before cutting off her own words, there has been widespread belief that she stopped herself from saying daughter.

The good news is that no matter whether their child is a boy or girl, the royal baby will be third in line to the throne, following a change to royal succession laws in 2011.

When is the baby due?

Although the due date of the royal baby has not been made public, it is believed that friends of the royal couple have divulged that the baby is due on July 13th. This date coincides with four day celebrations to mark the Queen’s Four Day Coronation Festival, celebrating 60 years since the Queen was first crowned.

The Press Office of Clarence House has said only that, “the baby is expected to be born in July”.

The Duchess’ pregnancy was announced in December 2012 and, since this time, bookies have taken bets on whether the baby will be born on the birthday of Princess Diana, July 1st.

Where will the baby and the royal parents stay after leaving hospital?

There is some speculation that Kate, William and the royal heir will move in with Kate’s parents following their discharge from hospital. Although it is traditional for a royal baby to stay in a royal residence, it seems sensible and reasonable that the family should stay with Kate’s parents in their spacious and luxurious home while their own residences undergo renovations.

Baby shower – yes or no?

It is understood that Kate will not be having a baby shower, as is traditional before a baby’s arrival. Apparently, the royal couple feel privileged that they can afford to buy whatever the baby needs or will have it given to them and therefore feel that having a baby shower and accepting gifts would be ostentatious and quite greedy.

In Britain and around the world, there is much excitement and anticipation accompanying the impending birth of the royal baby. Many people will continue to follow Kate’s pregnancy with immense interest and following the birth of the baby, this interest will be shared between the royal parents and their baby


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