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Start the Year Right with a dose of HelloFresh

Posted on 2/01/2014 in Newsfeed

The thought of spending your Sunday afternoon figuring out the week’s dinner plan while standing trolley-to-trolley in a check-out line as long as your household to-do-list is as dreaded as it is unavoidable. You soon find yourself rubbing a bottle of olive oil and thinking, “Being a full time mum is exhausting enough as is, I wish there was someone else to do this endless planning and shopping. But if not me, who?” 

Rest assured, you don’t need a genie, all you need is masterchef Tom Rutledge’s thought child, HelloFresh! HelloFresh is an international food delivery service which takes care of not only the grocery shopping, but also the meal planning. Everything you need to feed those grumbling dinner-hungry bellies is swiftly delivered to your door step at the beginning of each week with no added stress or hassle. 

All HelloFresh recipes are created by a dedicated expert food team, presented to you as easy to follow step-by-step instructions and take no longer than 30 minutes to whip up. The recipes are simple and all the ingredients are ready to go. If you’re suffering from the common same-meal syndrome, you’ll be happy to know that HelloFresh pride themselves in mixing it up. Their recipes are scoured from all four corners of the globe, giving your family the chance to experience delicious cuisine inspired by numerous cultures, all within the comfort of your own home. 

To recap, HelloFresh meals are quick, easy and healthy? Check, check, check! All the supplied ingredients are guaranteed to be as fresh and beneficial as they are appealing and delicious. And as an added bonus HelloFresh work solely with Australian farmers and trusted, local suppliers. Even those picky eaters, which let’s face it every family has at least one, will be devouring their greens, spices and anything else you throw at them left, right and centre while enjoying a varied and nutritionally balanced diet.  As a busy mother of 2 boys aged 6 and 9, HelloFresh has introduced our family meal times to exotic new flavours and finally has my boys devouring all their vegetables!  I particularly love the freshness of the produce that you simply can't get at your local supermarket.

So, steer your way out of that trolley jam, jump on the HelloFresh website and snap those magic fingers because you have just organised an entire week’s worth of healthy, scrumptious dinners for the entire family to enjoy!  Have you received your $30 gift card with your Queen Bee order and given it a go?  Let us know what you whipped up for dinner.


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