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Four Ways to Feel Great During Pregnancy

Posted on 24/08/2011 in Well-Being

If ever there is a time in a woman’s life that she deserves to take great care of herself and look and feel fantastic, it is during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are numerous things that expecting women can do to enhance their enjoyment, health and sense of well-being while pregnant.

#1:  Exercise

While vigorous forms of exercise and many contact sports are not ideal or widely recommended during pregnancy, there are many activities that women can do.

Any exercise regime should be discussed with your health professional to ensure that it is safe for you to do, but popular activities enjoyed by many pregnant women, include: walking, swimming and yoga.

Regular exercise can help to keep your body strong and it can also be a wonderfully effective way to ease stress and tension. Many women are also heartened that participation in forms of exercise helps them to look and feel great and sets up some effective practices that will assist them to get back in shape post-pregnancy.

#2: Maternity fashion

Pregnancy provides the perfect reason to buy some new pieces for your wardrobe. Maternity wear is so much more than what it once was…no longer are women expected to conceal their bump under ugly, shapeless garments. Instead, much maternity wear is on-trend and so fashionable that women are able to maintain their own style throughout pregnancy.

Although they may be quite comfortably worn in the earlier stages of your pregnancy, your regular clothes will not see you through your whole pregnancy. Ensure that you invest in some key maternity pieces, such as: jeans, tops, dresses and comfortable loungewear.

Maternity swimwear that is stylish, comfortable and fashionable is a great inclusion in the wardrobe of a pregnant woman. Purchasing swimwear that you love will help you to feel great when getting participating in water-based activities such as: swimming and water aerobics and when relaxing on the beach or beside a pool.

Shopping for your maternity wardrobe should be done without feelings of guilt…it is perhaps one of the few times in life that you can honestly say that you need a number of new pieces! And, consider this: the fact that some non-pregnant women now buy and wear maternity clothing is testament to the fact that much maternity wear is now fashionable and flattering!

#3:  Rest and Relaxation

It is no coincidence that many new mothers say that if they were to give one piece of advice to expectant mothers it would be to take advantage of the opportunity to get as much rest as possible. Of course, this is not always easy (particularly if you already have one or more children) but taking time to rest and relax is great for your body, mind and soul.

Not only do rest and relaxation help to rejuvenate your body, they are also powerful ways to prepare you for motherhood and of course, are great for the development of your growing baby. Remember too that this is one of the few times of your life in which people will encourage you to rest and relax as much as possible, so be sure to capitalise on the opportunity!

#4:  A new level of connection

Pregnancy seems to suddenly provide a new level at which women connect and communicate. Commonly, women love to share their experiences and find it interesting and beneficial to chat with others about how things are going during their pregnancy and often, the birth and experiences of parenthood.

If sharing with others is something that makes you feel good during pregnancy, do it! You are bound to pick up some useful pieces of information and make some new friends.

There are many ways that women can feel great throughout their pregnancy and naturally, many of these involve taking good care of yourself and devoting time to your health and well-being. However, for many women it is just as important to look good and connect with others in order to feel at their best through the three trimesters of pregnancy.


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