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Everything You Need Before You Bring Your Baby Home

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Posted on 31/03/2020 in Motherhood & Pregnancy & Baby

Giving birth is a truly life-changing experience, albeit a very difficult one that requires adjusting and support from loved ones. The immediate period after welcoming a baby can be marked by sensitivity, physical pain, fatigue, and confusion, so that’s why having a supportive partner, and other family members can make everything much easier, but before you get your baby home, here are some things that you need to prepare:

Take care of the Crib

Everyone knows babies need their own crib, so even though this might seem a bit redundant, it’s always advisable to prepare baby's crib before coming home, so you won’t have to deal with it later on, because the last thing you need is to try setting it up with a newborn by your side. Whether you opt to buy a new one or to rent it, it’s essential to pick a crib that is simple, because according to this report, the safest cribs are those that are basic since they prevent strangling. Even if you choose to accept to buy a used crib, always make sure that it is based on the latest safety standards.

Changing Table

Your baby will need to get changed quite frequently, and even though you can actually change the diapers on the bed or regular table, it’s always better to have a separate area where you can change the diapers. So, before you make a final decision, make sure to consider your own height, room size, price, safety, and mobility, since all of these are important for baby’s well-being. Keep in mind that changing tables aren’t that essential, so if you’re looking to buy something, try to find a table that is versatile and easy to transform into another piece of furniture later on.

Health Matters, too

Babies are fragile and prone to various illnesses, so it’s important to keep your little one safe from potential diseases. Still, sometimes unfortunate things happen and the best thing to do in those situations is to make sure that your baby has all the care that will help it get better. Not all health insurance coverage options are the same, so the best way to determine the right one is to get health insurance comparison online as that will surely show you the pros and cons of various health care options. Health is a crucial matter, and the last thing you should do is to pick the first option that looks good. Instead, take your time to compare different options, and if necessary, consult others who are more experienced in this field.

Baby products

Since babies require constant attention, it’s essential to prepare all the baby products before bringing your bundle of joy home. Newborn diapers, baby powder, blankets, feeding bottles, baby moisturizer and baby soap are all necessary products that you should get. Of course, a lot of these products can be found in the majority of supermarkets, but if you want to feel stress-free, it’s advisable to prepare everything prior to baby’s arrival from the hospital. Before you buy any of these products, you need to make sure they’re free from allergens and other dangerous ingredients that can cause redness and irritation.

Get some Baby Apps on your Phone

The future is here, which is evident by the amount of time we spend with our gadgets and other screen devices. Getting some baby apps on your phone, such as a Cloud baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby during the sleep. Other useful apps are all of those that can help you track your baby’s growth and connect with other parents in your area. Additionally, you can find apps that offer valuable tips regarding child-rearing, which can be super helpful for those who are first-time parents.


Nursing Equipment

Breastfeeding the baby is one of the most wonderful ways to create a bond between a mother and a child. But, sometimes nursing your little one can be difficult and painful, so getting nursing equipment such as nursing bras, milk storage containers, a nursing pillow, and reusable breast pads will make the whole experience much smoother. In case you can’t breastfeed your baby, then make sure to get a quality breast pump, because mother’s milk should be a part of every newborn’s diet. Still, if you plan to pump the milk, it’s essential to keep it safe from spoiling, so be sure to follow the instructions before you decide to store the milk in your fridge or freezer.


Taking your baby home is a truly wonderful event full of excitement, fear, and joy, therefore, it’s crucial to get everything ready so you will be able to enjoy the first days at home without any interruptions. If possible, make a shopping list before going to the hospital, as that is the most efficient way to get everything you need for your baby.



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