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Don’t Give up on Jeans Just Because You’re Pregnant

Posted on 7/09/2010 in Style & Styling Tips

A few years ago the only way you could dream of wearing jeans during pregnancy would be if you bought one of the belly bands or gadgets to make the most of your existing pairs of jeans. Now this is a great, cost effective way to help your jeans last longer, but unfortunately it is not a long-term solution. By the third trimester you would be ditching the jeans, along with most of your existing wardrobe. Maternity wear has come a long way since then. Some labels even specialise in maternity jeans and have entered the market with a whole array of options for the denim-loving baby mama.

Not only are there different styles of jeans available such as our favourite trend of the moment, skinnies, but also straight leg, flare and boot cut, but there are also different fabrics and different designs to accommodate the big belly.

You can choose from vintage blue hues, dyed black, dark blue rinse,  indigo wash, china blue wash, washed black denim or our favourite eighties come back, faded light blue denim.

There are jeans that will sit mid waist, hipster style, low rise and with pockets, without pockets, made in stretch or stiff denim.

Depending on which brand you go with, there are a few different styles of belly-expanding technologies happening in the denim department.

Underbelly Waistband

These jeans work to accommodate your growing belly by coming with a waistband that is elasticated in either a dark or flesh coloured band. There are two styles, the front only supportive stretch waistband or the all round elastic waistband.  Either way, the waistband sits underbelly as you get bigger.

The underbelly waist band design is extremely comfortable to wear. They don’t need hitching every time you stand up and they provide a supportive, snug fit over your stomach, which is great for post-partum as well.

Stretch Side Panels

Stretch side panel jeans have side stretch panels built into the design that expand with your tummy. From the back, they look like regular jeans and will be the more subtle choice for maternity denim.

They can easily be worn if not pregnant with a belt and are great for post partum bellies. Their discreet styling and faux button fly make these the best choice for serious style junkies.

No Panel Styling

No panel jeans do not contain any elasticated stretch panels or waistbands. They are designed to sit underbelly, like most hipster and low rise jeans do these days, and are made with a fabric is designed to stretch and support you for the whole nine months.  

Maternity jeans are not the frump-fest you might have imagined. Rather, maternity denim has come along in leaps and bounds in the last few years as labels have realised that women do not want to sacrifice their personal style and fashion sense during pregnancy.

With so many choices in colours, styles, fabrics and budget, you can be sure to find a pair of jeans that will make you feel great for the whole nine months and more importantly, help you stay comfortable.


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