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6 Amazing DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Toys for Kids in 2022

Posted on 15/04/2022 in Style

Wooden puzzles are one of the most popular educational toys for kids nowadays. With the wide variety of designs, colors and sizes available, it is no wonder that there are so many DIY 3D wooden puzzle toy ideas. There are many ways that children can enjoy the act of building their own puzzles or designing their own woodworking projects and learn through play. Parents can even create their own puzzles and toys, becoming an important part of their child's childhood and giving them a sense of accomplishment.

Before starting your DIY 3D wooden puzzle project you need to:

  • choose the right design or theme
  • research what your toddler will like because there are so many designs in the market today
  • make sure that the materials you need to build your puzzle toy is easy to get
  • make a list of materials needed and check your budget

The best recommendation is to have the child help you design their own custom wooden puzzle. Here are 6 on-trend DIY 3D wooden puzzles for children in 2022 from Robotime:

1. Ferris Wheel Music Box

Robotime Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel 3D wooden puzzle music box will be a great addition to your kid's toy collection. The music box mechanism can be easily operated with a little help from adults and it also has a colorful LED light inside of the Ferris Wheel. It is a great choice for both adults and children, as adults will enjoy building it and kids will want to play with it. It is made of high quality 1/8 plywood material, and includes detailed assembly instructions with coloured photos for each step.

2. Snow Globe Music Box

Robotime Birthday Globe

This snow globe music box is another beautiful educational wooden toy for children. It features a sweet birthday song when the lid is closed and a beautiful rolodex loop, which can be easily spun by children. The mechanism that plays the birthday song is hidden inside the rolodex loop and is operated with a little help from adults just like the Ferris Wheel 3D wooden puzzle music box above. Your kids will learn colours through playing with this toy!

3. Wooden Grand Piano Model

Robotime Wooden Piano

The grand piano 3D wooden puzzle toy is an elegant model piano which is also fun to build. It includes detailed assembly instructions with photos to guide you through the assembly. Your child is going to love playing with this piano, and no matter if they are an adult or a kid at heart, they can enjoy the music box's melody. The action of the piano consists of four miniature black and white gears that are concealed inside the faux wood paneling, which is covered by a clear plastic cover that protects it from dust.

4. Robotic Dinosaur

Robotime Robotic Dinosaur

This dinosaur themed wooden puzzle toy is a creative way for kids to learn about dinosaurs and how they lived in the prehistoric period. This is the perfect learning toy that will keep your child occupied, while you have some time to relax and have fun. The dinosaur head contains interactive sound effects that make it possible for parents to place voices over them, meaning your child can hear what you say! It also contains rubber sounds located on the body of each dinosaur.

5. Vintage Car Model

Robotime Vintage Car

If your child love cars, they are going to love this vintage car model! It contains 6 detailed wooden pieces, a handle and a reproduction engine. The reproduction engine is made of rubber and plastic, has a lever and sounds like an engine running. Your child will love this vintage car, especially while they are learning through play. It is pre-assembled but it won't take much time to build the puzzle. Just take this beautiful toy home and have fun!

6. Chocolate Factory

Robotime Chocolate Factory

Be prepared to be amazed by this chocolate factory 3D wooden puzzle kit! All kids love chocolate candies and now they have a chance to build a chocolate candy factory with their own hands! Robotime has prepared everything you need in the kit (wooden pieces & tools) to make sure you have a smooth DIY experience. After you finish it, you could simulate the chocolate-producing process by shaking the handle - the colorful candy marbles will run down the slopes and twists and  turns again and again. Isn’t that wonderful! This puzzle toy is really unique, and may be more challenging for kids (suitable for ages 14+) to build compared to the other puzzles mentioned above.

The essence of any educational kids toy is that it should provide an enjoyable experience for your child. These wooden puzzles are just simply amazing, and they can teach kids some valuable skills like visualization, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and confidence. Children benefit when they build something themselves and learn through play.

Jane is a writer from New York and is passionate about DIY toys, cats, films and musicals.

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