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5 Tips to maintain a Discreet Pregnancy

Posted on 3/09/2010 in Style

Not everyone wants to or is in the position to flaunt an expanding waistline during pregnancy. Whether it is due to work constraints or you just don’t want people coming up to rub your belly, sometimes you don’t want to draw attention to your pregnancy. There are many styles of maternity clothes that you can consider to minimise attention to your baby bump.


There are some clever tricks however, that you can use to draw attention away from your growing belly.


1) Colour

This one is an obvious tip, but an important one all the same. It doesn’t mean you have to wear black all the time, it just means that you should stick to conservative colours such a navy, chocolate, dark reds or greens or a lovely dark grey. We’ve all heard the rule that black is slimming, and that’s because, well, it is. So black is a smart choice for pants and skirts, and even dresses. Black maternity clothes can also double as evening wear for those nights out.


2) Accessories

Clever accessorising can draw the eye away from a pregnant belly. If you buy a bright, colourful scarf, you can drape it around your shoulders and have it hanging down in a straight line, attracting the eye toward the colour and down in a vertical manner. Worn over a simple black dress or top, this can be the perfect foil.


3) Cut

The cut of your clothes can be a tricky way to stream line your look. As with all advice on dressing to disguise weight, the same rules apply for pregnancy curves. Well cut clothes will always flatter. Choose cuts that don’t draw attention to the middle section, rather draw it away from the problem area.  V-cut tops will draw the eye towards cleavage instead of the middle section. Keep away from busy prints and any embellishments in the middle section such as ruching or ruffles or pleats.  Flowy tops and dresses can be handy as you grow a little larger.


4) Layers

Layering your clothes is a smart way to draw the eye downwards and to prevent anyone from noticing a little extra weight gain in the middle section. Buttoned shirts over camis, long-line jackets and cardigans are in fashion now and are a great way to elongate your appearance.


5) Fabrics

Stick to simple, darker colours and plain colours. Don’t get any heavy or textured fabrics. Don’t buy patterned or busy tops or dresses. Minimise the action in the middle section to minimise attention. Stiff fabrics are great to help hold everything in and will keep your silhouette stream lined.  Keep away from clingy, stretchy fabrics such as lycra or jersey, they will only accentuate any bumps you have.


Maternity wear has come a long way in the last five years and with a little careful planning and a few choice purchases you can be sure to maintain the utmost discretion during your pregnancy.


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