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5 of the Best Ways to Relax While Pregnant

Posted on 17/11/2011 in Well-Being

Pregnancy brings a variety of physical and chemical changes to a woman’s body and if ever there is a time for a woman to really relax and experience a sense of calm, it is during pregnancy. When a woman feels relaxed, calm and happy, it is not only good for her, but also good for her growing baby.

There are many great ways that a woman can relax during her pregnancy. Here we look at five of these:

#1:  Take time to do the things you enjoy

It is no secret that when we are doing things that we enjoy, we feel a sense of calm and happiness. As long as the things that you enjoy are healthy and will not cause harm to you or your baby, it is a great idea to continue to do these things.

Many women enjoy a spot of shopping and, if this is you, perhaps the purchase of some fabulous pieces of maternity wear will make you feel great. Maternity fashion is today reflective of current fashions and trends and so the selection of maternity dresses, maternity pants and maternity sleepwear enables you to enhance and certainly not play down your ‘fashion-ability’ and sense of personal style.

#2:  Enjoy the water

Many women report that water based activities and even just being near the water helps them to experience a state of calm and relaxation. Water aerobics and swimming are very popular activities that help women to exercise gently and feel calm before, during and after doing so.

The fact that some beautiful and very stylish pieces of maternity swimwear is available means that women need not take to the water in swimwear that completely masks and adds no appeal to their growing and changing bellies and bodies. To the contrary, contemporary and highly fashionable maternity swimwear is available to enhance your pregnant body and offer it comfort, all the while maintaining style.

#3:  Prenatal yoga

Forms of yoga that are designed specifically for pregnant women offer a fabulous way to strengthen and relax your body and mind. Prenatal yoga is often effective in strengthening muscles and joints, can teach you how to breathe deeply and can assist you to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. However, it is important that you do attend a yoga class for pregnant women and not just any yoga class.

#4:  Make time to rest

Far too many women find that they have little time in their lives to devote to rest and relaxation. Pregnant women who are working, have small children, are juggling a combination of work and family and those in many other situations can find that there seems to be no time in which to sit, put their feet up and breathe deeply.

Although being busy is a reality for so many pregnant women, taking even a tiny, five minute break can be beneficial. Even if you are able to snatch only a few minutes, take the time to sit down and do nothing but concentrate on slowing down and replenishing your energy.

#5:  Music as therapy

Listening to gentle, soothing music during your pregnancy is a good way to relax. In fact, many women who listen to gentle music while pregnant have been shown to be less uptight, stressed, anxious and depressed. It is also understood that gentle music helps to calm and soothe the baby in the womb.

Relaxation is incredibly important for pregnant women and there are many great ways for expectant women to relax.


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