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5 Current Maternity Trends

Posted on 23/01/2012 in Style

If you are pregnant and starting to contemplate your maternity wardrobe, you will be delighted to know that pregnancy no longer means that there is no choice but to wear frumpy, shapeless and unfashionable maternity clothes. To the contrary, maternity wear now comes in stylish, on trend and very appealing forms. In fact, it is completely possible to maintain and enhance your style and commitment to fashion while you are pregnant.

Many current maternity fashions reflect trends in non-maternity wear. With the Summer season right upon us, there are many fabulous fashions that are well suited to maternity wear and help a pregnant woman to feel confident, stylish and comfortable.

So, what are some of this season’s hottest maternity trends?

#1:  Colour blocking

Just as colour blocking is central to this Summer’s non-maternity fashions, it is central to the trends in maternity wear that we are currently seeing. Do not be shy about wearing bold, vibrant colours and matching these colours in creative ways.

Colour is everywhere this season and this trend really does work well for pregnant women. Try pairing your maternity clothing with colourful shoes, belts, scarves and other accessories – not only will you be on trend, you will all in likelihood appear radiant and glowingly healthy.

#2:  Maternity dresses

As celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba showed us throughout their pregnancies, stylish and attractive maternity dresses are the best friend of the expectant mother. Long dresses made from flowing fabrics look amazing and are very comfortable to wear. Shorter style dresses can also look fabulous and really allow you to show off a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Maternity dresses in a variety of styles, prints and designs are incredibly versatile and can easily transfer from casual situations to work and more dressed up occasions.

#3:  Maternity tops

It is a great idea to fill your maternity wardrobe with a range of great t-shirts, tank tops and shirts. Not only are such maternity garments comfortable and attractive, they come in options that are completely fashionable and reflective of contemporary trends.

Having a selection of maternity tops in your wardrobe is important as you then have the freedom to vary your wardrobe and mix and match things in different ways.

#4:  Maternity swimwear

Just as we are seeing some gorgeous non-maternity swimwear in stores and in magazines, we are seeing similar trends in maternity swimwear. Bikinis, tankinis, one piece swimsuits and swim skirts are highly sought after and look wonderful on pregnant women.

Pregnant women should take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy activities and socialising near the water. Particularly when it is possible to sport attractive and highly fashionable swimwear, expectant mothers should enjoy the warmer weather and the refreshing and therapeutic qualities of swimming pools and the beach.

#5:  Accessories

No matter what maternity wear a woman is wearing, it is possible to dress it up and add some interest with accessories. Different accessories breathe life into particular outfits and can be the difference between maternity wear that is casual and understated to maternity fashions that lend themselves to going out and dressier occasions.

It is possible to dress fashionably throughout pregnancy. Many contemporary fashions reflect the most stylish non-maternity fashions and really do help a woman to maintain and even enhance her sense of style. There is no better time to dress fashionably and feel great than during pregnancy!


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