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3 Tips on Getting Around for the New Mother

Posted on 16/11/2010 in Well-Being

Before a woman has a child she can leave the house confidently with simply her handbag and keys. This simple exit routine changes somewhat when you have a baby. There are a number of things you need to check off the list before walking out the door. Have you packed your nappy bag, handbag, car keys, toys? And don’t forget the baby! This secret fear of leaving the newest member of your family behind haunts every new mum, but the strange new sensory connection you have to your bundle of joy will ensure you never will.

So to make things a little easier on new mummy’s, let’s take a look at some nifty tips on getting around with a new baby.

1) Slings

Pouches and slings have been around for a while now. In Africa and Asia, women have been strapping their babies to their bodies since the dawn of time. Now that we’re catching up here, we have put our little stamp of style on the whole affair. You can pick up gorgeous hand made slings, wraps and pouches at local markets and even online. Usually made with organic or natural fibres, these slings will be safe on baby’s skin. Made in lots of bright colours, they will make a fashion statement for the new mum.

Don’t forget the good old Baby Bjorn. Whether you pick up a second hand one on Ebay or purchase the latest design, these types of slings are also great for carrying your newborn close to you.

Keeping baby close will help you and the baby feel safe and secure when you go about your day either at home or out and about.


2) Prams

Getting the right kind of pram for you is an important part of preparing for life with a baby. You might prefer the newer three wheeler styles or wish to go with the four wheeled, lightweight models. What ever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable with it. Consider things like ease of folding away, weight, durability and features.

This item will be opened and closed many times a day for at least three years, so make sure you buy the best you can afford.

3) Nappy Bag

This another essential item a new mum needs to put some thought into. Whether you prefer the traditional style nappy bag or some of the newer funky designs, you need to keep the practical side of things in your mind. Of course you want your newest fashion accessory to look great, but you also need it to do the job.

There are some great styles available online and in stores with labels such as SOON, Babymel, Storksak and Nest. These labels have some wonderful, chic ranges of over the shoulder and messenger styles in a selection of cool, urban fabrics. They have all the pockets and features that you need and all the flair you could hope for.

Isoki has nifty range of smaller style nappy bags. Called the ‘Petit Traveller’ they come in a variety of exotic fabrics and are perfect for a short trip around town. They hold one of everything, and even have a small pouch for your keys and money.

These days, nappy bags look more like hand bags, and so why not take advantage of this and let your baby bag double as your mummy bag. There’s lots of room for the two of you, and it will take that one extra thing off your checklist when you leave the house.


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