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mild compression socks

compression socks for pregnancy including stylish maternity knee high compression socks and ankle compression socks 

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Maternity Compression Socks

Types of Maternity Compression Socks

  • Knee High Compression Socks
    Compression socks in pregnancy improve blood flow and help relieve tired, painful legs and cankles (the swelling of the feet, calves and ankles).
    Available in a range of plain colours and stylish patterns.
  • Ankle Compression Socks
    Ankle length compression socks gently squeeze the foot to help reduce mild edema.
  • Open Toe Compression Socks
    All the benefits of compression with the comfort of being able to wriggle your toes.

Benefits of Class 1 Mild Compression

  • helps relieve tired and achy legs
  • helps reduce minor to moderate swelling of the feet, ankles and legs (cankles)
  • improves blood flow through the legs
  • helps prevent and provides relief of minor to moderate varicose and spider veins
  • helps reduce the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
  • ideal compression level for those travelling long distances

Note, you should consult your doctor before wearing compression garments