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Want Something New and Inspiring for 2014?

Posted on 30/12/2013 in Motherhood & Well-Being

While New Year’s resolutions are usually made in full faith on January 1, they are notorious for having been ditched by about day 28!  However, despite the likelihood of you being less than resolute when it comes to sticking to the goals you make in January, it doesn’t mean there is no room at all for making 2014 a year for something refreshing and interesting in your life.

New Year’s resolutions often fail when they are unrealistic and unattainable. For instance, making a promise to yourself to get up at 5am every weekday to go to the gym or for a jog sounds good in words, but is not really based on reality for most of us! It’s easy to think in perfectionistic terms when you are feeling a little merry from a Christmas brandy, but living out your new lofty goal in the middle of winter is something else altogether! 

Despite this, a new year can be a great time for a fresh start. The trick is to be realistic in your goals. If you want to lose baby-weight in the coming year for instance, make sure you have some treat and recreation times in there, and don’t become so stringent in your new eating and exercise plan that you will find it too hard and blow the whole thing!

You also need to know yourself well, and your own weaknesses. If you are the type who is strongly drawn to the couch rather than the gym, making a vow to go to an aerobics class four times a week might not work for you. Instead, find something you actually like doing that involves some physical activity. Perhaps you love dancing to music for instance, a bit of Zumba or playing with your kids at the park? Make it fun, and not like a lot of hard work, and you are more likely to succeed.  For me with 2 boys aged 6 and 9, handball is a great way for us to have fun together and is great exercise after school in the afternoon.

Either way, whatever your goals are for 2014, whether it is to lose weight, get fit, improve your health, quit smoking etc., do make sure to be kind to yourself. 

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions in the past? How did they work out for you? Any tips you’d like to share?


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