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Top 3 Tips for Planning Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Posted on 30/04/2019 in Motherhood

Three top tips for planning your maternity photo session!

Tip One: Plan for it!

  • If this is something that’s important to you and you want to remember your bump forever, make some plans! Most photographers will ask you to book around 32 – 36 weeks for a nice size belly bump without it being too uncomfortable for you.
  • Do some research – early! Start looking for your favourite photographers, book your session early so it’s not a mad rush because you left it until last minute.

Tip Two: Decide if it’s a family affair or a bump only photo session…

  • Remember, there is more to organise with more people. Outfits for everyone, allowing enough getting ready time for everyone, packing of non-messy snacks for little one’s, ironing, etc.
  • Maybe you want some self-care time to pamper yourself with a relaxing, quiet, photo session just for yourself as a gift to your significant other.
  • It depends on the memories you want to have years down the track!

Tip Three: Decide on a studio or outdoor session

Here are some important things to consider about both options:

  • Studio – you can book a studio session anytime giving you flexibility for getting ready and travel time, it’s a controlled environment which means studio lighting and airconditioned comfort. Small note: children can sometimes find studio’s overwhelming and maybe a bit boring without any activities, toys or distractions like a playground down the street.
  • Outdoor – most photographer’s will suggest a session time of sunrise or sunset for the best lighting conditions. You may not like early mornings, if you want your family involved, you’ll be up even earlier, or a sunset time might not be suitable for younger children

Outdoor sessions offer a much more relaxed, lifestyle feeling in your final photographs and studio sessions can also offer versatility in traditional and lifestyle portraits. You may have more styling options, gowns and accessories offered through a studio session, so be sure to ask!

It’s all personal preference!! Your choice of photographer depends on the style of session you want and the style of photographs you love.

My top three Queen Bee dress options for Maternity photos

  1. Juliette - for those who love simplistic, natural, minimalist style. All white for partners and other siblings can work and still look chic, just avoid the denim and jeans. Go for tans and soft blues for a stunning beach session!

  2. Allie – feminine, floral and colourful. Perfect for the park or garden session

  3. Alana – for an elegant, glamorous statement. Remember, your other half and any children will also need dressy outfits to suit this formal type of session.

Bonus tip for choosing The Perfect maternity and baby photographer!

Before worrying about the dollars, check through the photographer’s gallery of previous work and ask to see a FULL example of a client gallery so you can get a really good idea of what the quality and CONSISTENCY of their work is like.

Make sure you choose a photographer who’s STYLE you love! There is no point in investing in beautiful photographs of this incredibly special time in your life if you don’t even like them at the end of the day. These photographs will be a gift to your family that will keep on giving, and will only grow in sentimental value over time.

Find your perfect photographer – or at least narrow down to a top 3 – and then start deciding on what budget you have and listen to your instincts! You’ll know the right one!


Jade Read is a photographer, international multi-award winner and event producer within the pregnancy + baby industry. Her enthusiasm for her clients and love of the ‘bump to bub’ industry is clear – and let’s face it, she does it for the baby cuddles!

For more information:
Photography: www.jadereadphotography.com.au
Events: www.bumptobubevents.com



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