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Sweet Dreams - Maternity Sleepwear and night breastfeeding

Posted on 31/05/2009 in Style

Sweet dreams

Well, many of you have probably found that the nights of broken sleep start well before the baby is born. During pregnancy your body seems to wake you up in the early hours, whether because you need to go to the toilet, or for no clear reason at all! It’s seems to be just another way your body prepares you for the interrupted nights of the months to come.

Once the baby is born…well, you may have heard this before, but there’s no harm in you hearing it again, because if you are anything like me it didn’t really sink in the first time. Living with a newborn baby is very tiring, and you need to get your rest – and lots of it – whenever the baby is resting. Keeping a spotless house, running marathons, and cooking four course banquets can wait until things settle down, and that may take a while.

My ‘baby’ is over a year old now and I had a two hour afternoon nap when she did yesterday. I don’t do it every day, but it is a great way to recharge once in a while, and remember, when you are breastfeeding, sleep (as much as you can get!) is just as important as eating well in keeping up a good milk supply. So you need to make your sleep a priority too!

Here at Queen Bee we busy busy mums have found co-sleeping seems to give us the best night’s rest. Just attach baby when they stir and go right back to sleep…but basically every mum needs to decide exactly what works best for her and her baby. Don’t listen to anything anyone else says about how often your baby should be feeding or how much they should be waking at night. Remember, every mother and baby pair is unique!

So, seeing as you’re going to be spending plenty of time in pyjamas, they might as well be comfortable and stylish. We have a great range which will take you from pregnancy through to the early months of breastfeeding your baby.

Brand new to our maternity range are the cute summery pj sets from Maternal America. They come in both cami and shorts, and cami and capri-length pants, in grey and lilac. There’s a robe available to go with both as well.

We like to make things as easy as possible for breastfeeding mums, and our range of nursing camis has been an enduring favourite. This is always one of our top recommendations for your hospital bag. Our red floral cami or silky soft modal jersey brown polka dot nursing cami are great day and night; they’re too cute not to show off, so during the day, why not layer them with a favourite cardi or shawl?

Remember, layers work well at night too, for practical reasons. Try one of our nursing camis under a long sleeved pyjama top, so your midriff will always stay warm during night feeds. Especially important if you will be breastfeeding during the colder months! For long sleeved options, try this ruffle edged top and pants lounge set in soft stretch cotton, which will take you through from pregnancy to breastfeeding with ease.

This long sleeved cotton jersey nightie is also great for the cold months. Add one of our beautiful maternity bras underneath and it will hold breast pads and provide support. We love the black bra with pink hearts, or the blue and cream striped bra.

For the warmer months, try this cotton lycra Bird’s Nest babydoll and pants set in beautiful soft eggshell blue, or Belabumbum has you covered with their cotton dot babydoll lounge set. It’s pink and white and 100% cotton. Both are suitable for use from pregnancy through to breastfeeding.

For the record, I think when pyjamas are referred to as a ‘lounge set’ it means you can wear them all day with complete equanimity. I know I do!

Until next time, sweet dreams.



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