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Q&A with Dorothy - the Designer of Dote Nursingwear

Posted on 1/05/2014 in Style

How did Dote begin?

Dote was started in 2008 after the birth of my first child. Nursing wear available at the time was limited (more tops; it was hard to find dresses) and also looked pretty unfashionable compared to my pre-pregnancy clothes. I couldn't stand the thought of having to look dowdy for a year so I decided to create a line that would allow me to nurse easily as well as look and feel good in!

What is your top styling tip for pregnant ladies?

(I'll offer two!)
A woman's proportions change during pregnancy so you need to reassess/relearn how dress your new body shape. Certain styles that looked good before may not look good now. Buy a few pieces of clothes at a time throughout each stage of pregnancy rather than all at one time to ensure that you always have clothes that fit well.  Invest in a good bra and maternity shape wear like Mama Spanx. These smooth out any bumps and lines and will give you confidence a boost!

What is your style philosophy?

Clothes should be timeless and effortless - and should flatter the wearer. It's pointless to wear something that doesn't make you look good just because it's the latest "in" thing.
Design wise, I am constantly challenging myself to create clothes that are easy to wear; and make women feel beautiful and put together.

What's next for the brand?

We are excited to work with different fabrics and beautiful prints! Look out for us in 2014!

Do you own a piece of beautiful Dote clothing - tell us why you love it below!


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