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New Look E-Newsletter + Year of the Rabbit

Posted on 14/02/2011 in Newsfeed


As we welcome in the year of the rabbit I opted for a sleek new look for our e-newsletter.  if you haven't already subscribed then simply add your email address here - stay up to date with all the lastest new arrivals, re-stocked items, sales news and giveaways!


If your baby is born anytime between the 03 February 2011 to 22 January 2012, then he/she falls under the Year of the Rabbit!  Here's a bit about rabbit babies by Theresa Lau...

People born in the year of the rabbit are the luckiest among "the twelve animals." The rabbit is a symbol for mercy, elegance, amiability and worship of beauty. People born in this year are kind, speak gently, peaceful, quiet and loving persons. They like to live easy lives. They are reserved persons, love arts and have a strong sense of justice. Whatever they do, they will start well and end well. This feature can make them learned scholars. They are also well adapted to work in government departments, and to be active on the political stage. 

People born in the year of the rabbit are very hospitable, good hosts and warm-hearted companions. Their words make everyone feel happy, but you shouldn't let such words go to your head. They will remember your mistakes, as well as your good points. They know more than they will tell. If your missteps are not serious, they will forgive you. That is why people like them. This philosophy of life keeps them free from troubles, because people will forgive them as they forgive others.

Generally speaking, people born in the year of the rabbit really understand what life means. They make full allowance for other's weal and woe. They know when they should show their forbearance. They never embrace others in public places. They know the art of saving face and giving consideration to the interests of both sides.

have a wonderful 2011!! xx


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