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How Celebrities Recover After Pregnancy

Posted on 21/04/2013 in Well-Being

It’s amazing how fast celebrities can recover from their pregnancies, and there are a lot of tips that all women can take from their amazing efforts.

We all saw how quickly celebrities like Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr were back on the runway in barely-there outfits after giving birth. We also saw how much Kate Hudson ballooned during her pregnancy, only to lose all the weight within months of giving birth. How do they do it?

Celebrities have a lot of motivation to get the weight off as their careers depend on it, plus they have a lot of help, so if it takes you more than a few months to lose baby weight you shouldn’t get down on yourself. Even so, there are some great pointers to take away from their efforts, and the following are how some famous mums recovered after their pregnancies.


Only four months after giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, Beyoncé was gracing the cover of People’s Most Beautiful People in April 2012. Although she kept us rapt with her amazing
pregnancy fashion, she was able to once again flaunt her famous curves just weeks after giving birth when she wore a figure-hugging dress to husband Jay-Z’s Carnegie Hall concert in February. She said that she lost most of her weight from breastfeeding.


As soon as Pink got the go-ahead from her doctor, she and her personal trainer got to work to get her back in shape. After giving birth in June 2011, Pink trained five days a week and followed a healthy meal plan to prepare for her fall tour. Not only that, but she had to prepare for her first movie role in Thanks for Sharing, which is definitely a lot of motivation!

Miranda Kerr

We loved seeing her in all of her fabulous
maternity clothes
, but we’re equally as happy to see Australian model Miranda Kerr back on the runway. In fact, it only took two months after giving birth to her first son before she made her debut at Paris’s Fashion Week. Miranda estimated that she gained between 30 and 40 pounds during her pregnancy, but yoga, breastfeeding and eating plenty of veggies, fish and lentils helped her lose the weight fast.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had a much more challenging experience after giving birth to her twins because the caesarean section limited her ability to exercise at first. Even so, she signed on as a spokesperson for the Jenny diet program and lost 70 pounds over the next six months -- 40 pounds of which she said was water weight. Even without being able to exercise, she lost most of the weight simply from eating the right diet. In the end, she lost two pounds per week, which is a very safe and doable amount for anyone to lose.

Victoria Beckham

Fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham slimmed down extremely quickly after giving birth to her daughter in July 2011. While some people say she trimmed down in time for New York’s Fashion Week that September by eating only small amounts, she told Vogue magazine that wasn’t true. Apparently, she lost the weight by running six days a week and following a strict workout created by her personal trainer.


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