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Featured Blog - Jane Has Style Spring/Summer Newsletter 2011/12

Posted on 3/10/2011 in

Well as we start to thaw out from a cold winter it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming warm weather. With many bright colours, textures and patterns to choose from there will be something for everyone this Spring/ Summer. A great way to describe this coming season is what was once old is now new again, so get into a vintage mood.
This newsletter is the first for Jane Hayes Consulting to feature style tips for men! If you partner, friend, brother or father could do with my services and advice please pass this on.
Trend for Women:
The 1970's:
As with a lot of looks in 2011 we are going back in time, this time to the 1970's. This means wide brimmed hats, maxi dresses and skirts and fringe details. The maxi style of this era is best worn by the taller woman, as this longer style can tend to overwhelm a shorter stature. High-waisted pants and large lens glasses will also be back in style and a great way to cap off the luxe 70's style.
Tail hems:

Tail hems are a strong trend for the coming warmer months. A tail hem is short in the front and long in the back. Some are more extreme than others and some have strong lines and others soft frayed feels. A look for women with confidence in their legs, it is more of passing trend so don’t spend too much money on this look.
Women's tuxedo:
Ever feel that you are over the traditional nighttime glamour look? Well if you are this trend will be perfect for you. Pair a tailored pair of pants with a sheer feminine shirt, jewelled or lux fabricated bowtie, and a structured jacket to create this look. Pair with a strong feminine shoe to complete this look that leans toward the masculine.

Tassels will be popular this coming Spring/Summer and will appear in many different forms from shoe and bag detailing to earrings and charms.
Stripes will appear this coming season on t-shirts, dresses, jumpers and accessories. For a fresh look on a summer's day, pair a classic black and white striped top with a navy jean and structured blazer to achieve an effortless weekend style.
Cat eye glasses:
Cat eye glasses are making a return this Spring /Summer, so tap into your inner 1950’s diva with this vintage look. Styles available range from the extreme version, with an obvious exaggeration on the point, to a softer true to the past style. Introduce this trend through your everyday sunglasses or with your reading glasses to obtain a fashion forward edge to your work life. 


Vintage inspired kitten heels are making an appearance this coming season. Clogs will also be around in many different shapes and forms, whether they be leather, high, low or with beaded detailing or tassels.
Jewellery trends for this Spring/Summer are bold cuffs and chokers. These minimalist accessories will be a subtle accompaniment to the strong colour blocking fashion trends. Be cautious when introducing a choker to your look, as they can tend to shorten the neck and make you appear shorter. Whether it be gold, silver or a bright pop of colour, this is a trend for the long term so invest in a quality piece.
Colour trends:
It is going to be a colourful Spring/Summer 2011/2012. Some popular colours will be yellow, green and orange citrus and coral tones. No matter the colour you will be on trend if you keep it on the bright side.

Trends for men:
Suits with slim waists and pants and structured shoulders. The single-breasted suit, which is always in style, is back with a vengeance. Double-breasted suits are also back in style for men's suiting but beware, as this style is best on slim, long frames. Pair your classic suit with a pop of bright, seasonal colour, and the easiest way to do this is through a shirt, pocket square or tie to liven up your work or weekend look. However if you work in a strict corporate environment it is best to stick to a more subtle approach to colour and be brighter out of hours.
The trends in jeans for men this Spring/Summer are flares. This 1970’s trend is making a come back and can be quite easy to introduce into your wardrobe. For those of you not wanting such an extreme look, opt for the subtle flair and for the men who like to make fashion statements go for the extreme flair.
Army inspired fashion:
Regimental fashion is popular for men this coming Spring/Summer which means lots of khaki, strict tailoring, strong lapels and exaggerated buttons.
To introduce some of the colours coming through this Spring/Summer the confident male dresser can wear a coloured shoe. A trend best reserved for after work hours, it is a great way to introduce some colour into your wardrobe.

If you need any help in incorporating these looks into your wardrobe please contact me and I will be happy to help. Keep a look out for my Spring Racing Carnival newsletter arriving in your inbox soon. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Kind regards 


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