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Designer Denim - it's all in the jeans

Posted on 5/05/2009 in Style

Flared, boot-cut, skinny, straight, dark indigo, distressed…and so the list goes on. Who ever thought shopping for denim jeans could get so complicated? Before you start to worry that the task of finding the perfect jeans to take you through pregnancy will be totally impossible, let me reassure you; maternity denim is better than ever. So what’s the latest?

Skinny jeans might have been the hottest style way back in 2005, but we think you’ll agree it’s about time for something new. If you don’t like the thought of struggling to get into and out of your jeans every day (trust us, with skinny cuts it’s not easy after 30 weeks) you’ll be grateful for the new cuts available this season, including wide legged styles which are much less hard work and go beautifully with the over-long tops (like this beautiful peasant sleeved tunic from Lil) which look so great during pregnancy.

I should probably admit that I’m not much of one for sacrificing comfort for beauty, so whenever super tight jeans are in vogue I’m usually less than enthused. I do remember at least one of my sisters lying backwards on the bed and asking for help to get the zipper up on her jeans sometime way back in the late 80s…but I have to say I’ve always been able to get my jeans on while standing upright and unassisted, and I’m happy to keep it that way.
Luckily, jeans these days often have a small component of lycra or elastane in their fabric for extra stretch, so comfort is the name of the game, and that’s never more needed than during pregnancy. Maternity jeans also usually come with either added elastic sections in the waist, or a stretchy panel which fits comfortably around your tummy. 1 in the Oven’s ever-popular InvisiBelly™ jeans are a good example of this style. They’re best worn with a top long enough to cover the waist band, and from the back they look exactly like normal jeans in terms of fit and style…but they’re much more comfortable!

There are other great options for this season. Check out Maternal America’s beautiful wide leg trouser-cut jean, or J&Company’s bootleg cut in grey denim. (This US label’s jeans are the first choice of celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Cameron Diaz)
Low-waisted styles seem to have an enduring popularity, like the award winning jeans from Seraphine, or MamaJ’s dark blue classic hipsters, which have been a favourite of Australian celebs like Rachel Griffiths and Miranda Otto. For those who like more of a boy-cut, the Seraphine Boyfriend jean may be just your thing.

Don’t forget denim’s not only about jeans. Maternal America’s denim skirt is a must-have for winter – great with boots!

love hannah



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