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3 Ways to Look and Feel Great While Pregnant in the Warmer Weather

Posted on 10/01/2012 in Style

For many people, pregnancy and warm weather are a daunting combination. It is automatically assumed that expectant women will feel heavy and devoid of energy in the heat; while this may be true for some women at the final stages of their pregnancies, many pregnant women feel fabulous during the Summer months and enjoy the opportunity to dress fashionably at this time.

The great news is that it is completely possible to capitalise on and celebrate current trends and fashions while you are pregnant in the warmer weather. Many contemporary non-maternity fashions translate beautifully into maternity wear and enable a pregnant woman to feel stylish, comfortable and confident about her appearance.

So, how can a woman who is pregnant dress so that she feels great in the warmer weather?

#1:  Invest in at least one piece or pair of maternity swimwear

There are many benefits available to pregnant women who swim or exercise in water throughout their pregnancies. Similarly, numerous women love to relax in water during their pregnancies.

There are few things that make any woman feel more confident and stylish than wearing a fabulous swimsuit and this applies to pregnant women as much as to those who are not expecting a baby. The good news is that, just as there is an almost infinite number of different non-maternity swimsuits to choose from, there is an ever-increasing range of stylish maternity swimwear available for expectant mothers.

Bikinis, tankinis and one piece swimsuits are just some of the options and swim skirts are favoured by many pregnant women. Expect to find maternity swimwear in a range of contemporary styles and patterns as well as designs that flatter the physique of the pregnant woman.

#2:  Enjoy wearing stylish maternity dresses

When it comes to fashionable maternity wear, few things are as on-trend and reflective of non-contemporary fashion than maternity dresses. These dresses come in different lengths and styles that not only look great but promote comfort and help the woman to feel great, no matter what the weather!

Regardless of whether you favour maxi-style dresses or those that are shorter and more like a shift or slip dress, great options can be found. Contemporary maternity dresses commonly feature some lovely fabrics, colours and patterns and you can expect to see the latest designs capitalising on the most recent trends – such as colour blocking.

#3:  Make great use of accessories

Many pregnant women vouch for the fact that maternity wear can be invigorated and enhanced with the use of accessories. Maternity t-shirts, maternity dresses and maternity tops more generally can all be dressed up with fashionable accessories and can truly change the way that an outfit appears.

It is also a great idea to look for pieces of maternity wear that already include embellishment such as beads, sequins and other features. Such details can really lift an outfit and significantly ‘dress it up’.

It is definitely possible to look and feel great while you are pregnant. Contemporary maternity wear is available in many fashionable and stylish forms that help expectant mothers to be as cool and comfortable as possible in the warmer weather.


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