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Glow in Style

welcome to our glow in style blog page

The ultimate blog for the pregnant fashionista!! - we’re creating a maternity blog page where you can sit back, relax and read pregnancy styling tips, advice and articles about pregnancy and beyond.

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2 august 2009

words can't describe how amazing our photoshoot with emma was last month...

Queen Bee Maternity

a loyal queen bee shopper emma decided to email me one day to ask if we had any modelling work. when she sent through some photos i was over the moon - we finally found the queenbee 'IT' girl for our 2009/2010 spring/summer lookbook!! by the time we got the crew together - stylists, photographer, makeup artist, model plus clothing samples from all our top designers we were ready to go.... at this stage emma was 39 weeks pregnant! while most of us at this stage of our pregnancy are sitting with our tired feet up, carrying in excess of 10 kilos extra in weight gain, emma looked gorgeous and had the stamina to power through nearly 30 different looks all in one day including 2 outdoor shots! the results speak for themselves so please check back each week to see a new spring/summer maternity release.

emma gave birth the following week to a beautiful baby girl hosannah. you can see emma during her pregnancy on foxtel hosting her own show (with her husband - co-host and producer at http://www.positivehits.com.au/)

so if you think you've got what it takes to be the new face of queen bee please email some pics directly to fashion@queenbee.com.au

thanks xx