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Maternity Style Blog

Our purpose is to inspire women with confidence and style during their journey into motherhood. Welcome to our maternity blog.

7 Breastfeeding Tips Every Mum Needs to Know

Breastfeeding can be a magical bonding experience between a mother and a child. Some women make breastfeeding look effortless while others have a little difficulty getting into the rhythm of things - and both are totally fine. Every new mum is different.
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The Maternity Dress Styles Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Dressing during pregnancy can be a challenge. Suddenly your favourite go-tos for work are no longer options, or you have to buy something new to wear to a special event.
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A Guide to Exercising Safely When Pregnant

Expecting a baby but don’t want to give up exercising? You don’t have to! Read all about how to exercise safely and stay fit and healthy while pregnant with Queen Bee.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Falling Pregnant

Want to improve your chances of having a baby? Read all about how simple changes to your life can make a dramatic difference to your chances of conceiving at Queen Bee.
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