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The low-down in nursing wear - your questions answered!

Posted on 2/02/2009 in Style

The low-down on nursing wear – your questions answered

....straight from Queen Bee - still breastfeeding my 2 year old son

So just what are breastfeeding tops and how do they work?

When I had my son at the Mater Hospital (Sydney) in December 2004 I wish I had known about nursing wear! Let alone having to deal with a brand new baby and attending various classes the very next day in hospital – I had to cope with breastfeeding in public as well…. I felt like all the other mothers were checking one another out to see who’s baby was feeding correctly…..and it wasn’t an easy task!

I had only packed a few nighties and maternity tops that weren’t exactly suitable for breastfeeding. I had to lift my top to expose my post partum tummy to breastfeed during classes and it felt really awkward. I also had so many visitors to my room and each time my baby needed a feed I would have to drape a blanket around to try not to expose too much! If only I’d known about the wonderful array of breastfeeding tops I would definitely have packed one for my hospital stay!

How do they work?

There are a few types on the market, and here’s 3 of our HOTTEST selling tops right now:

1 in the Oven Nursing Henley

the FABULOUS nursing Henley by 1 in the Oven is a new mummies must have!! It has a BUILT IN soft cup bra and elastic shelf for total breast support!! It also enables you to slip breast pads in under the bra cup. Feels gorgeous to wear - no need for a separate traditional bra which makes it easy to put on and breastfeed in.

There are 2 layers to the soft cup bra – the first layer has an opening cut out to expose your nipple, while the second layer is just a fabric covering which sits over the shelf bra whilst not feeding. The fabric of the outer top is 100% waffle weave cotton which feels luxurious to wear. Heidi Klum was seen pictured in her navy one and Britney was seen snatching them up at the exclusive LA Fred Segal store.

Read what other mums had to say about this top here....

2. Queen bee Nursing cami

this gorgeous cami is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR HOSPITAL STAY!! (You'll be nursing day and night so feel comfortable and relaxed in this lovely nursing cami that you can sleep in, and that's pretty enough to wear during the day).

To nurse simply unbutton at the front OR unclip the openings at the strap to drop the cup down and nurse. Openings inside the bra cup enable you to slip breast pads in and the wider non-slip shoulder straps give better support and comfort. The longer hip length is also flattering on your post partum tummy – it’s not a tight fitting/hugging top so it’s just perfect for wearing after the baby is born. 100% breathable cotton!

I had a caesarean birth and breastfed my baby a lot in the beginning lying down on my side - this top would have been perfect for this as there are no tight bra straps and the baby can have easy access, with complete full tummy coverage for mum! This top was also recommended by Shopping for Baby Mag 2007 here http://www.shoppingforbaby.com.au/itemDisplay.php?id=898

Milky Way Nursing Tops

This range of tops are great for nursing your babe in public as they are so stylish people can’t even tell it’s nursing wear! You need to wear your own nursing bra for these tops (for big breasted women these are probably your better option to give you the correct amount of support). The range is simple, yet elegant and can easily be dressed up or down for work or play.

My personal favourites are the Lauren nursing tank and scoop neck top. The tops have 2 front layers. The under layer has 2 large openings cut out at the breast area so you can access your nursing bra. When you lift the second outer layer to breastfeed your tummy is still covered – all people will see is your baby’s head perched near your breast – it will look like she is just sleeping! No one can tell she is even nursing!

If you’re stuck for fashion tips check out the SMH stylists tips for nursing fashion here http://www.smh.com.au/news/fashion/askthe-stylist-nursingtops/2006/10/05/1159641460489.html

Here is a tip from me as well – nursing mother still to my 2 year old son! He is full time in my care and he still loves breastfeeding so much!!- apart from wearing my 1 in the oven Henley and Milky Way tops out in public I ALWAYS carry my Lucky Baby sling in my baby bag wherever we go.

It comes in handy if he wants to be carried (great for when you need to dash in and out of the car for quick errands) and is also good when I breastfeed in public as I drape it around us in restaurants etc. I also use it as a blanket when he falls asleep in the stroller – they are 100% soft lightweight cotton and available in beautiful prints!


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