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the gals behind 2 chix maternity novelty tees

Posted on 10/01/2009 in Style

Special Feature - styling tips from '2 chix'...

We chat with Amy and Natasha - the gals behind the 2 chix maternity tees about how to be a pregnant haute mama in style....

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for women; your belly expands, your feet spread and your clothes no longer fit. The key is to find fashionable items that are comfortable, versatile and stylish, according to 2 chix founders Amy Bright and Natasha Koudsi, whose hip maternity wear has graced the famous bellies of Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields, Melissa Joan Hart, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosa Blasi-Finn.

Since both Bright and Koudsi have recently given birth, they know exactly what to wear when a growing belly is the most prominent accessory. "We wore a lot of 2 chix tops with some of our favorite items to create outfits that we wore for the nine months and even into post-pregnancy," explained Bright. For a casual look, the chix suggest wearing simple cotton T-shirts and tanks with maternity jeans from Habitual, Chip and Pepper and Citizens for Humanity. To dress up the jeans, they like short, fitted blazers and colorful scarves. Koudsi says that bright colors around the face enhance a drawn complexion, which can often result from morning sickness and/or hormone fluctuations. Bright and Koudsi also recommend wearing leggings made with Lycra, to "hold everything in," either on their own or under a denim skirt. Look for the maternity line from Spanx featuring the "Mama Footless," or just cut off the feet of maternity tights. "It's expensive to have a baby, so try to save money where you can, and buy items that you can wear after pregnancy too," suggests Koudsi. Some tops from the 2 chix line that can be worn post-pregnancy bear the phrases, "Baby Fat," "Oh Boy," and "Haute Mama."

As for lingerie, the chix avoided unattractive nursing bras and opted for the Ipex by Victoria's Secret bras instead because they are smooth and give support without underwire. The key, explains Bright, is to buy a bra that is one size larger. The chix also advise buying shoes up to one size larger to accommodate expanding feet. Shoes by Seychelles are a favorite because they are extra comfortable, stylish and inexpensive. Cole Hahn also has a line made by Nike that is very comfortable. For women who don't want to be stuck in flats for months, podiatrist Dr. Carolyn Siegal advises pregnant women to wear wedge heels because they evenly distribute the weight and are more stable than thinner heels, such as stilettos.

Pregnancy further inspired the chix to create a new long-sleeved T-shirt style that fits closer to the body, yet easily stretches over a growing belly. More fresh and clever slogans were also created including, "I'm Really an A-Cup," "Preggo-Fabulous," and "Pregnesia." The last phrase was inspired by actress Cheryl Hines of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame who explained in an interview that during her pregnancy she was always forgetting things and thus referred to her condition as "Pregnesia."

2 chix items can be purchased online here


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